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How to draw a face outline sketch | Face outline sketch drawing for beginners

In this lesson, we will learn to draw a face sketch from the front view which will help us to understand the facial proportion.

Materials required : HB Graphite pencil for drawing basic shapes and 2B for detailing in the end.

STEP 1 : First draw a circle. The circle represents the top portion of the head. It will help us to determine the location of facial features. Draw lightly.

STEP 2 : Now joining the circle, draw the edges of the jaw line and the chin as shown in the diagram.

STEP 3 : Now draw a rough outline representing neck and shoulders. For this, draw a line connecting the chin to the shoulder area.

STEP 4 : Here we darken the face outline from the edge of the circle to the chin area.

STEP 5 : Emphasize neck and shoulder area by darkening it.

STEP 6 : To draw the base of the ear, draw a line touching the bottom of the circle. For top of the ear, draw another line which will start on the eye line.

STEP 7 : Add the ears now. Make outline of the ear.

Use an eraser to remove any guidelines.

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