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How to draw a cone easily | Drawing 3D objects for beginners


This tutorial will help you to draw a cone quickly and easily with step by step guide. This guide consists of only three steps.

Materials required : HB Graphite pencil for drawing and 2B for shading part.

STEP 1 : First of all make a triangular shape using HB pencil. The base line of the triangle will depict the base of the cone and other two lines will depict its sides. See the reference image.

STEP 2 : Draw the outlines around the base area dividing it into two halves. The base of the cone looks like an ellipse.

STEP 3 : Now, with the help of eraser, remove the unnecessary basic lines. Shade the area (use 2B pencil) as shown in the image to depict the light and shadow effect. Now the figure looks like a three-dimensional object.

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