Drawing Basic Shapes : How to draw a Simple Box step by step for beginners

How to draw a Simple Box step by step tutorial for Beginners


Learning to draw boxes proficiently provide the foundation for understanding perspective, proportion, and three-dimensional representation. Various types of pencils can be used for drawing a box. Graphite pencils such as HB or 2B are commonly used for initial sketches and outlines. Softer graphite pencils like 4B or 6B are preferred for shading and adding depth. It is important to draw boxes and basic shapes by hand without relying on a scale or other measuring tools in order to enhance your drawing skills.


STEP 1 :To draw a box, begin by sketching two vertical lines parallel to each other to represent the upper edges of the box.


STEP 2 : Now draw two horizontal lines connecting the vertical lines to form the upper base of the box.


STEP 3 : Then, draw three vertical lines extending downwards from each end of the upper base.


STEP 4 : Connect the ends of the vertical lines with a parallel horizontal line to form the bottom of the box. Erase any unnecessary lines and refine the shape as needed.


STEP 5 : Add shading and highlights to enhance the realism of the box. Determine the position of the light source and shade the areas away from it. Add highlights to the areas that receive direct light.



Remember to practice regularly to improve your drawing skills. The more you draw, the better you’ll become at capturing the proportions and details of objects like boxes.

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