How to draw an Arm step by step | Arms drawing lesson for beginners


Drawing arms makes art look real and interesting. Learning to show the arm’s detailed structure and how it moves helps with drawing people better. This guide gives a simple view of how to draw arms. It starts with making the basic shape of the arm.  To draw an arm, we will break down its steps into simpler shapes. It will help you to draw the overall proportion of the arm comfortably. Drawing an arm using circles is a simplified approach that can help you understand the basic proportions and structure. Always use the light pencil(HB) for drawing basic shapes.

MATERIALS : HB pencil for basics and 2B for darkening the shape.

STEP 1: Draw the outline of the arm using light pencil. Break down the basic shapes to represent shoulders, upper arm and forearm area. Follow the reference image

STEP 2 : Now using basic shapes, we can draw shoulders and biceps. Use additional lines to connect the circles and establish the arm’s proportions. Refine the shape of each circle to resemble the arm’s natural contours.

STEP 3 : Follow the basics of the lower arm and draw elbow and forearm area. Add simple curves and lines to indicate the muscles on the upper arm and forearm. Use basic shapes to represent the biceps and triceps. Highlight and darken the arm area using 2B Pencil.

Carefully erase any unnecessary guidelines, leaving only the main arm structure and details.

Keep in mind, this way makes the arm’s hard parts simpler. Once you feel okay with this, you can explore more detailed techniques making it look even more real. Look at real arms and pictures a lot to improve your understanding of arm anatomy and proportions.

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