Drawing Basic Shapes : How to draw a Pyramid shape tutorial step by step

Drawing a Pyramid Step by Step 


When drawing a pyramid shape, you can use a variety of pencils depending on your preferences. HB or 2B pencils are commonly used for sketching the initial lines. You may switch to softer pencils like 4B or 6B for shading and adding depth to the drawing.


To draw a pyramid shape, follow these simple steps:


Draw a Straight line to represent the height of the pyramid.


To draw the base of a pyramid, draw two diagonal lines extending outward and slightly downward. These lines will meet at the bottom to form a triangular base.



Once you have drawn the base of the pyramid, you can continue to draw the sides of the pyramid by connecting the corners of the base to the apex (top point) of the pyramid. Darken the lines of the base and sides to make them more prominent. Erase any unnecessary lines.



Add shading to create a three-dimensional effect. Imagine the light source and shade the areas that would be in shadow.



Begin with light, sketchy lines and gradually refine them. Patience and practice will enhance your drawing skills over time.

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