How to Draw People in 15 Minutes | Learn to Sketch Quickly | How to draw Fast

How to Draw Fast | Learn to Draw People in 15 Minutes

By following these steps and practicing regularly, you’ll be able to draw people quickly and effectively, capturing their essence within 15 minutes.


1.Gather Your Supplies:
Use a pencil and eraser for flexibility. Have paper or a sketchbook ready.

2.Set a Timer:
Use a timer to keep track of your 15 minutes. This helps you stay focused and efficient.

3.Start with Basic Shapes:
Draw an oval for the head. Use simple lines and shapes (circles, rectangles) for the torso, limbs, and joints.

4.Establish Proportions:
Ensure the head is proportionate to the body (usually 7-8 heads tall for an adult).
Mark key points like the shoulders, waist, hips, knees, and elbows lightly.

5.Outline the Pose:
Decide on a pose and lightly sketch the basic posture.
Use quick, light strokes to define the stance and movement.

How to draw/Sketch People fast

6.Draw the Head and Face:
Add facial guidelines to place the eyes, nose, and mouth.
Keep facial features simple and focus on capturing the expression.

7.Sketch the Torso and Limbs:
Draw the torso, refining the initial shapes into the chest and hips.
Sketch the arms and legs, keeping the proportions and joints in mind.

8.Add Hands and Feet:
Outline the hands and feet with basic shapes.
Simplify fingers and toes, focusing on overall placement rather than detail.

9.Define Clothing:
Quickly outline the clothes, following the body’s form.
Indicate folds and creases with swift lines.

10.Add Details:
Refine the face, hair, and any visible skin.
Add key details like fingers, toes, and accessories if time permits.

11.Shade Quickly:
Add light shading to give depth and form.
Use quick strokes or hatching to indicate shadows and highlights.

12.Review and Adjust:
Step back and look at your sketch to check for any major errors.
Make quick adjustments to improve the overall look.

13.Finalize the Sketch:
Darken the important lines to make the sketch stand out.
Erase unnecessary guidelines and light strokes.

14.Practice Regularly:
Consistent practice helps improve speed and accuracy.
Draw people in different poses and outfits to enhance your skills.