Learn How to draw an Eye step by step Easy | Eye Drawing tutorial for beginners with Pencil

Eye Drawing Tutorial step by step easy for Beginners 

Welcome to the eye drawing tutorial! Drawing an eye can be a rewarding and creative experience.

Before you start drawing, make sure you have all the necessary materials, such as paper, a pencil, an eraser, and optional colored pencils or markers for adding color later.

This is a very simple step by step eye drawing tutorial for beginners.

Materials required : Use HB Graphite Pencil for drawing basic shapes and 2B for detailing.

STEP 1 : Draw a basic circle – one inner (for pupil) and one outer ( for iris ). Inner circle should be in the center of the outer. This circle will be the eye’s basic shape.


STEP 2 : Now draw the upper and lower eyelid line as per the image ( general eye outline). Add two curved lines above and below the circle to form the top and bottom eyelids. The top line should be slightly thicker than the bottom one.

STEP 3 : Next draw the line joining the upper and lower eyelid. Draw a little spot near the pupil which will highlight the area of reflected light.

STEP 4 : Draw the line above the upper eyelid and the line under the lower eyelid as shown in the image. Now use 2B or 4B pencil to darken the pupil. Fill in the pupil properly to achieve the darkest shade. Darken the pupil to make it stand out against the iris.

STEP 5 : Now fill the whole iris by using 4B or 2B pencil. Remember to keep your strokes soft. Leave the spot for light reflection.

STEP 6 : Its time to add the lashes by using 2B or HB pencil. Draw the lashes using outer lines of the lid. Make them longer towards the outer edge of the eye. For the lower eyelid, draw shorter eyelashes. Keep your strokes light and lift your pencil swiftly at the end to get better results.

Your eye drawing is now ready. With time and dedicated practice, you can gradually improve your ability to draw an eye in a more realistic way.